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Working From Home and Maintaining the Home

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maintain your homeWorking at Home – How to Stay Motivated.

For those of us working from home, or considering working from home, it is important to maintain a certain level of professionalism. If you come from a traditional, formal workplace, you know how valuable certain behavioral expectations can be. Working from home demands even more self-discipline and strategy. You must be able to maintain a work perspective while making work demands of yourself. It can be tough to be your own boss, but with a two-pronged plan, you’ll do just fine.

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To begin with, you have to start every work day with a general idea of the hours you are going to work, and the tasks you hope to accomplish. It is a good idea to write down your tasks, goals for the day as well as the hours you expect to work. Having written goals is a well-known essential for maintaining work progress and consistency. Having a daily or weekly planner where your basic work schedule and focus is described is absolutely essential. Without clear guidelines of your work day or work week, it is very easy to become sidetracked with family issues, entertainment and social activities.

The second big part of working for yourself at home involves maintaining what we can call a “work perspective”. There are countless self-employed individuals who fail because they do not maintain a professional, or work perspective. They feel all of their time is their own, and making money is simply a sideline. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work, and you have to work consistently and seriously to have a strong flow of income. Making money is tough, and when your workday begins, you have to approach your phone calls and emails at home as professionally as if you were sitting in an office in professional clothing.

Ways to help with this include dressing “business casual” which means basically not wearing pajamas while you work, and being cleaned up and well-groomed for work. This gives you an attitude of professionalism. Also, put distractions away; such as a loud television or barking dog. Insulate your workspace from the rest of your home, perhaps in a spare room or quiet corner. Maintain a professional tone with your customers no matter where you are. Maintaining this work-perspective is essential in keeping your business day flowing just as if you were in a professional business office.

The advantages of working from home do not have to be compromised by a need to work on a schedule, or the requirement of maintaining professionalism. Even though you work from home, you are still professional and need to organize your day and approach your work with the right perspective and attitude. If you take advantage of these tips, you’ll find yourself getting more done, and enjoying your home-based work life much more.

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