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Are Some Regions More Suitable For Working Women

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working womenThe Best Places to Live for Working Mothers.

If you are a mother who struggles to balance work and family at the same time, you’re not alone. Two out of three women with husband and children, and three out of four single mothers who manage everything on their own, have jobs. Certainly, it can never be easy to manage a full life both inside and outside the home. Still, there are some states that you could choose to live in that would make life a lot more manageable to any mother. These are states with better paying jobs, quality childcare and better vacation policies. We are looking for states that are the best places to live for a working mother that offer a smaller gap in wages between men and women, that offer lower rates of unemployment, and that offer the best kinds of tax credits for expenses you make towards your child. Let’s go over four of the best places to live in the country for women who work.

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California has exceptional facilities for the working mother. The state law requires that any worker in the state gets a month and a half of paid leave to take care of her newborn child and bond. This is pretty rare if you think about it. New Jersey is the only other state that has anything near this level of freedom extended to working mothers. Women who work are far better compensated in California than elsewhere – the state has the narrowest wage gap anywhere in the country. Of course, the laws that make these possible aren’t perfect ones. The law doesn’t really require inspections of childcare centers more often than once a year. You probably want to find a childcare center that is inspected at least four or five times a year.

Going over to the East Coast, you’d never guess it, but DC ranks among the top places to work in for women. DC boasts of some of the best jobs for women that there are. More than half of all managerial and professional positions in DC are held by women. Even better, there is almost no wage gap that these women experience. If they decide to have a child, the women employees in DC can get paid maternity leave that the city pays for. The city pays for it through its temporary disability insurance program. San Francisco is the only other city in the entire country that does this. And once a child begins going to school, the laws dealing with safety for children are some of the best in the country.

And finally, Florida proves itself to be one of the best places to live for working mothers. And it’s not just because it has year-round sunshine. Mothers working in Florida have great access to child care and lots of vacant spots in every child-related institution. The state also requires that all childcare centers be overseen by the law several times a year. That’s a pretty rare thing. A disappointing part of life in Florida though has to do with how only one in three women have high-paid professional jobs; and they make only three-fourths what the men to.