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Job Interviewing Tips and Advice

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interviewJob Interview Tips and Advice

To get a job, you are most probably going to have to attend an interview. Pretty much everyone has had a job interview in some form or another at some point in their lives. It is the most vital part of any job application process as it is where the employer gets to judge you face to face. Because it is such a significant event, most people get very nervous as they are fearful of rejection, but if you follow some guidelines and have an idea of what the interviewer expects from you, it does not have to be an ordeal, and you can stand a much better chance of securing the job you want.

First impressions count for a lot, that is a fact. Although a job interview is centred around your skills, experience, and ability to perform the job role, your appearance will also play a major deciding factor, either consciously or subconsciously in the interviewers mind. You should ensure that you are smart and formally dressed. Do not try to make a fashion statement, plain business dress is ideal. Ensure you are well groomed, paying particular attention to your hair, and ensuring that your clothes are neat and wrinkle free.

You should also ensure that you have prepared thoroughly for your interview. Research the company, paying particular attention to the background and current management. You are likely to be asked what you know about the company, and demonstrating that you have done your homework is a good way to impress. Also ensure you have thoroughly considered every aspect of the role you are applying for, and are able to give examples of times when you have demonstrated each skill required in the person specification.

Interview practice also helps. You could ask a friend or family to assist you with a role play. The could play the role of the interviewer and ask you several questions. This helps you practice you answers and get used to being interviewed, so when the real interview takes place, you will feel much more at ease.

During the interview, ensure you speak clearly and remain calm. Try to keep good eye contact with the interviewer, and avoid shifting around in your seat as this gives out a negative appearance. Answer the questions accurately and concisely, it is always good to avoid waffling. It is a good idea to have a couple of short questions for the interviewer prepared, as you are likely to be asked if you have any questions at the end of the interview. Having some questions prepared always indicates that you have an interest in the role.